If you’re considering regenerative therapy for chronic pain, you may want to learn more about QC Kinetix. This company understands the complexities of chronic pain, and they provide state-of-the-art regenerative treatment for patients. At QC Kinetix, you’ll find top-notch care, a state-of-the-art regenerative treatment, and compassionate care. They have a wide range of treatments available to treat a variety of chronic pain conditions. Winston-Salem knee specialist

QC Kinetix is a new franchise concept that’s ideal for high net worth individuals or those who are already employed in a medical field. Franchisees take on a CEO-type role and manage staff, budget, and proforma. Franchisees oversee the company and build clinics. In the beginning, QC Kinetix clinics do not accept insurance. Medicare doesn’t cover their services. The treatment isn’t covered by insurance.

QC Kinetix uses all-natural biologic protocols to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. This method is an alternative to surgery, NSAIDs, and pain pills. It treats musculoskeletal injury, chronic joint pain, and sports injuries. Andrew Sullivan opened the first location of QC Kinetix in Naples, Florida, in August. He plans to open two more clinics in the same area within a year.

QC Kinetix is partnered with NFL MVP Emmitt Smith, who understands the need for innovative chronic pain treatments. As a franchisee, Emmitt Smith can personally attest to the benefits of trusting the body’s natural healing process. Franchisees of the company have opened 59 clinics and 11 corporate locations. Smith also endorsed the brand, which offers chiropractic services and acupuncture. Those who visit QC Kinetix clinics have reported improved musculoskeletal pain relief and reduced need for surgery.

The QC Kinetix clinic in Myrtle Beach offers comprehensive treatment plans that are customized to meet your needs. The doctors and staff are friendly and provide personalized treatment services. Patients have reported improved quality of life after four treatment sessions. In addition, the practice accepts credit transactions and payment plans. Regardless of whether you’re paying for the initial consultation or a series of sessions, QC Kinetix will ensure your treatment is affordable and effective.

The QC Kinetix franchise model is an excellent way to expand your medical practice. Franchisees don’t need to be medical professionals to become a franchisee. The clinic model allows you to take a more active role in the patient’s care, and it can be the perfect option for retiring MDs or those dissatisfied with the medical system as it stands today. If you’re an MD who is ready to make the leap into regenerative medicine, QC Kinetix is a great opportunity.

Patients can experience a high-quality alternative treatment for arthritis and joint pain at QC Kinetix (Aurora) in the comfort of their own homes. The clinic utilizes biologic substances to speed the healing process and repair damaged tissues. Because the treatments are regenerative in nature, they don’t require any surgery, or common prescription medication. The results are often instantaneous, and patients can return to their everyday lives quickly.