While being accused of a crime can be a stressful experience, you are also legally entitled to a Criminal Defense lawyer. Although you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, the criminal justice system is complex and mounting a good defence can seem like an impossible task. But with the right lawyer on your side, you can make the process as smooth and simple as possible. Consider the following tips before you hire a Criminal Defense lawyer. Read on to learn more. You may want to check out defense lawyers Calgary for more.

Create a profile that speaks to your target audience. Use a clear, concise headline and professionally-shot images to promote your firm in the legal community. Also, check out your competitors. You may be able to borrow their best practices by observing how they engage with social media. Ultimately, you can emulate their successes and improve upon their mistakes. Here are some tips to get you started:
First, know the law. Criminal laws are highly complex, and even seemingly straightforward cases can raise complex legal issues. A criminal lawyer is well-equipped to address those issues and prepare the best possible defense for you. By protecting your rights and preparing a strong defence, your lawyer can protect you from jail time. In addition to educating yourself on the law, a Criminal Defense lawyer will also keep your case moving forward and minimize the likelihood of a conviction.
Criminal Defense lawyers also conduct legal research. In addition to conducting legal research, they also negotiate with Crowns and police, attend police interrogations and review their investigations. They also interview witnesses, draft Charter motions and legal arguments, and conduct trials before Judges. The entire process can take months or even years, and you can count on an experienced Criminal Defense lawyer to help you navigate it. With an experienced team on your side, you will never have to worry about the legal system.
Social media represents a huge opportunity for marketing your law firm. While privacy and ethics issues prevent the use of social media by Criminal Defense lawyers, it is proven to produce results. Try some of these tips to ensure your social media presence is in sync with your target audience. For example, LinkedIn groups are popular among lawyers. By joining these communities, you will establish a professional network, and stay informed about current criminal justice issues. The use of social media will also help you build credibility and reputation amongst your target audience.
The role of a defence lawyer is evolving. Today, criminal proceedings place greater emphasis on pre-trial defence rights and the actions of lawyers during the investigative stage. Traditionally, defence lawyers’ work was viewed as preparatory and preparation for trial. This is no longer the case, however. Lawyers’ actions at trial depend largely on the decisions they made during the investigative stage. So, it is imperative to be aware of any changes to the legal system.