A joint pain clinic may be just what you need to help deal with your arthritis symptoms. These clinics often have pain management specialists on staff who coordinate your care by coordinating physical therapy, rehabilitation and counseling. A good joint pain clinic will work with you to set goals, monitor your progress and offer a support group. Patients will find it helpful to have an individualized treatment plan designed to address their specific needs. Listed below are some important factors to look for in a joint pain clinic. Interested readers can find more information about them at Sports Injury Doctor Near Me
The doctor will conduct a thorough physical examination to determine the cause of your joint pain. X-rays are often ordered to check for deterioration and check for fluid. Bone spurs may also be present. Blood tests may also be required to confirm the diagnosis and rule out any underlying diseases. Generally, a doctor will prescribe you some medications to help with your joint pain. Sometimes, a combination of medications will help.
Injections may be necessary for joint pain relief. Injections are often used to treat conditions such as arthritis or tendinitis. However, they can mask other injuries and damage to joints. While they can provide short-term relief, this treatment is only temporary. Patients should seek medical advice regarding other treatments. It is always best to seek a doctor’s advice before making a decision on a particular treatment method. However, steroid injections can have serious side effects and are not recommended for chronic joint pain.
Regardless of the severity of your joint pain, treatment is possible. Do not ignore the pain and seek medical attention right away. Joint pain is treatable and can improve your quality of life. Once you’ve been diagnosed with the underlying cause, you can select the right treatment option to relieve your pain. In the meantime, you can take preventative measures to minimize the effects of arthritis on your body. So, don’t wait – schedule a joint pain consultation today!
As you age, joint discomfort is more common than you might realize. Symptoms range from mild to severe. It can be intermittent or constant, affecting the knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, and even skin. Some of the symptoms can be triggered by viral infections, while others are due to underlying conditions. Tendinitis is inflammation of the tendons connecting muscle and bone. While not fatal, gout can seriously impair your quality of life and interfere with your ability to work and play.
Unlike a regular doctor’s office, a joint pain clinic in Albuquerque focuses on holistic alignment of your body. Joint pain may be caused by a variety of conditions, including arthritis, osteoporosis, or a musculoskeletal trauma. By treating the root cause of your joint pain, you can find relief and prevent further damage. For more information, visit our website and subscribe to our newsletters and special offers.