If you are a fan of coffeehouses, doughnuts, or both, you may have heard of Shipley Do-Nuts. The doughnut company operates over 300 franchise locations in the Southern United States. Located in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Florida, you can find a Shipley Do-Nuts near you. If you haven’t tried Shipley Do-Nuts, you’re missing out! Check This Out
Since its founding, Shipley Do-Nuts has become an iconic Texas brand that has grown beyond the state’s borders in recent years. Founded in 1936 by Lawrence Shipley, Sr. and his wife, the company has since expanded its menu to include kolaches, beignets, and coffee. As the company expands its business, it also plans to add more locations to its current location list.
While there are several requirements to open a Shipley Do-Nuts franchise location, the cost of building, equipment, permits, uniforms, and insurance are some of the first expenses to consider. You should also assess your prior business experience and availability of the market in your area. Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive confirmation that it has been received and provided with further instructions. There is a minimum investment required to become a franchise owner.
For the true foodie, Shipley Do-nuts is a must-stop. The chain serves over 60 varieties of donuts in its drive-through location. Choose from glazed, sprinkled, and filled donuts. Some varieties include chocolate glazed, cinnamon twist, and blueberry cake glazed. You can also order beignets made with apple fritters and a cinnamon roll.
In addition to giving out free donuts on National Doughnut Day, Shipley is also giving away doughnuts to local charities. Regardless of the spelling of the word “doughnut,” the donut is as American as apple pie. Shipley’s donuts are the best in the city! The company also donates a portion of their proceeds to the Salvation Army, a group that formerly distributed baked goods to soldiers during World War I.
The company is currently expanding rapidly, with agreements signed for 350 new units in the next five years. The company is actively recruiting new franchisees in existing markets as well as in new ones. Its expansion into Texas has been boosted by recent signings of agreements with multi-unit Jack in the Box franchisee Mohammed Ahmed. He plans to open the first Shipley Do-Nuts. Meanwhile, multi-unit franchisee Sam Khader will focus on the region.
In a recent lawsuit, the EEOC sued D&S Shipley Donuts for discrimination on grounds of pregnancy. The company has now settled with the woman in the lawsuit and agreed to pay her $45,000. The money will be paid in installments over five years. The settlement is a good thing for the community, as it will ensure the company stays in business for years to come. With the help of Peak Rock, Shipley will continue to expand. Shipley has announced new store locations across.