If you are suffering from joint pain, there are many non surgical options available. For instance, cooled radiofrequency ablation is a non surgical option for osteoarthritis pain. You may want to check out QC Kinetix (Summerville) for more. In this procedure, a thin needle delivers an electric current into the tissue in order to destroy the nerve responsible for the pain signals. This type of treatment is most appropriate for people who have mild to moderate osteoarthritis pain but are not ready for knee replacement surgery or who have health problems that prevent surgery.

Patients can choose from several nonsurgical options for joint pain, including joint grease injections and lifestyle changes. If these methods don’t provide any relief, joint replacement surgery is an option. A Beacon orthopedic physician will discuss nonsurgical treatments and lifestyle changes with you. In the early stages of arthritis, these nonsurgical treatments can be very helpful and help you return to your favorite activities. For a more complete understanding of your options, contact our physicians today.

Another nonsurgical treatment for joint pain is regenerative medicine. This method uses stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow to heal damaged joints. These cells can differentiate into the cartilage lineage and help restore joint function. However, this treatment is not for everyone. It requires a doctor’s supervision and must be repeated every few months. Although mesenchymal stem cell therapy can provide relief from joint pain, not all patients are candidates.

Physical therapy can help you learn new movement patterns that will relieve pain and improve joint function. By strengthening the muscles surrounding the joints, physical therapy can help you overcome your pain and improve your mobility. This therapy will also improve your walking, kneeling, and squatting skills. If your joint pain is severe, you may consider surgery. If it isn’t, a nonsurgical treatment may be right for you. The experts at Memorial Hermann Joint Centers have the experience and knowledge to provide the best nonsurgical treatment for joint pain.

Nonsurgical treatments for joint pain include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids. These medications are used to ease the pain caused by arthritis and to reduce joint inflammation. Yoga and other integrative medicine treatments are also helpful in alleviating the symptoms of arthritis. Nonsurgical treatments are generally effective for joint pain and may provide months of relief. However, if you’re not satisfied with nonsurgical options, you may need to consider joint replacement surgery.

The best way to reduce the discomfort caused by arthritis is to avoid surgery. There are other less invasive treatments available, including acupuncture and chiropractic. However, many people are still afraid of surgery due to the risks, recovery time, and side effects. Therefore, it’s important to choose a treatment option that you feel comfortable with and that has a good chance of helping you overcome your joint pain. So, what are your options?

Over-the-counter medications for joint pain are often used to reduce pain and inflammation. While NSAIDs may help reduce inflammation, they can also interact with other medications, and higher doses can be dangerous. Another option is prescription medications. Corticosteroids are powerful drugs that can reduce inflammation in the joint. If taken properly, these medications can provide pain relief for several months or even years. They’re an excellent treatment option if you have severe joint pain, but they can also lead to serious side effects.

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