If you have the desire to pursue a career in music, the best school to attend is one with a distinguished alumni list. Graduates of prestigious music schools include Renee Fleming, Jesse Rosen, and cellist Robert deMaine. The school’s small class sizes and specialized attention to students are a big draw. The Eastman School of Music is a top choice among aspiring musicians, with only 13% of applicants accepted.You may want to check out Norcal Music & Arts Center – Sunnyvale Music School for more.

The New School boasts a faculty that includes many world-class artists. The core curriculum includes performance, composition, analysis, and music history, and it is infused with liberal arts. Students can expect to take private lessons throughout their studies, and the school is conveniently located in Manhattan. Its proximity to many of Manhattan’s artistic institutions makes it an excellent choice. Although Juilliard is not the only school to offer a stellar music education, it is certainly one of the best.
Cleveland Institute of Music graduates often go on to pursue further studies at other prestigious institutions. Other notable schools include Rice University and the Juilliard School of Music. In addition to the Cleveland Institute of Music, Belmont University, founded in 1890, is a Christian liberal arts school. Students can earn a Bachelor of Music or a Masters of Arts in Music. The school is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the sixth-best regional university in the South. The school has an 81% acceptance rate, and is a great choice for a less-stressful musical education.
The Juilliard School was founded in 1905 and has a global reputation. Its undergraduate and graduate programs focus on Instruments, Vocal Arts, Jazz studies, and Historical Performance. It enrolls over 800 artists and combines world-class musicians as faculty. Each faculty trains a relatively small number of students, making it an excellent choice for those aspiring to pursue a career in music. It is the best choice for students who have ambitions to pursue a career in music.
Berklee College of Music was founded in 1945 and was the first college in the United States to include jazz in its curriculum. Today, it consistently ranks among the top 10 conservatories in the United States. With around 4,131 students, the school offers a Bachelor’s degree in Music, as well as certificates, and several other programs. Its alumni include many Grammy award winners, countless Oscar winners, and countless other notable artists. This college also offers programs in arts journalism and creative entrepreneurship.
Yale School of Music is one of the most prestigious music schools in the world. Its students are destined for fame in the music industry, and their education at this university is second to none. The school offers a wide variety of majors in composition, jazz performance, and film scoring. Distance learners can earn a music degree through the school’s online program. If you are a student who would like to earn an online degree in music, this school may be the best option.