A Semi Truck Brake Failure can happen for a variety of reasons. A poorly designed part or a lack of proper maintenance can lead to a failure. An experienced semi truck driver may be more familiar with the causes of a brake failure than an inexperienced one. Fortunately, a qualified attorney can help. Contact Christensen Law for a free consultation. If you or someone you love has suffered from this problem, we can help. You can click to read more

The brake system of a semi truck is the most common reason for a failure. As with any vehicle, you should regularly inspect it to ensure it is in good shape and working properly. Regularly replace brake pads and inspect the brake rotors. Check the brake fluid in the truck as well and replace it if necessary. It’s also vital to check the brake lines on a semi truck as leaks or broken brake lines can lead to a catastrophic failure.

In many truck brake failure accidents, the driver of the truck is the first defendant. The truck driver has the responsibility to operate the vehicle safely, but it’s also the responsibility of the trucking company to ensure safety. A truck driver who knows their vehicle well should notice any unusual behavior in the brakes and should immediately pull over if necessary. Sometimes, it’s not possible to do this, and the trucker may be responsible if they fail to recognize the signs of a brake defect.

In addition to driver error, the brake failure of a semi truck can be caused by improper use of brakes. Some truck drivers deliberately unhook the front brakes in an emergency. Although this may save gas and reduce brake wear, it can be extremely dangerous. In an emergency situation, the front brakes are the last to engage, and this can lead to a crash. The brake failure is one of the most common causes of accidents in large trucks, and it is essential that drivers be aware of warning signs of brake failure.

A semi truck brake failure can cause devastating consequences for the other driver or passengers in the vehicle. When a semi truck brake fails, it can jackknife on slick road surfaces or swing, causing the trailer to roll over. A semi truck brake failure can also lead to a jackknife or roll over – either one of which can cause serious injuries. So it’s essential that semi truck drivers be aware of the risks and seek medical treatment immediately.

Having your brakes fail while you’re driving makes it impossible to stop the vehicle, and a failure of the hoses could lead to a devastating accident. If you or a loved one has been involved in a semi truck crash caused by brake failure, it is important to contact an experienced attorney to seek compensation. An attorney with experience handling these cases can send a formal notice to the carrier requesting proper repairs. A qualified attorney will then arrange for an expert inspection of the truck’s brakes.