A GMB post can be as long as 1,500 characters, but it must be short enough for potential customers to scan. The character limit may be problematic if you prefer to write in long-form, but your customers are unlikely to spend time reading long blocks of text. To avoid this, keep your posts to 350 characters or less, with the keyword phrases appearing within the first 100 characters. Besides being short, your post will also be picked up by Google instantly and be turned into local justification. visit

If you aren’t sure how to write a good GMB post, check out the best practices of competitors. If you are trying to get your business noticed on Google, you can copy and paste content from your competitors. To check for plagiarism, use a grammar checker or Grammarly to see if your content has any duplicate text. Posts that contain a lot of duplicate content will be ignored by Google.

If you’re promoting a product or a sale, the best GMB Post to use is an offer post. This type of post allows you to directly promote sales, deals, and products without the need to create a separate blog post. There are many types of GMB posts, depending on your goal. For example, an offer post promotes a sale or a promotion, and contains links to a landing page for further details.

As you can see, it is important to keep the content relevant to the business. It is best to post at least once per week, to maintain Google rankings. Besides sharing the links to social media profiles, you should also post new blog posts as featured posts on your GMB account. Cross-posting allows people to find your business by simply looking at the relevant information. This is important, because it increases traffic, which in turn helps your search engine rankings.

When posting a GMB post, make sure that it includes the right images. A good cover photo should be 1024 by 576 pixels in size and have a 16:9 ratio. Ensure that the photo you choose represents your business. A storefront photo, a before-and-after photo, or a group photo are all good choices for a cover photo. However, if your business is very niche, an image with the correct background is not a bad idea.

You can use Google my business to update your CTA button, business hours, and service options. This way, you can keep your audience informed and strengthened. What Makes a Good GMB Post? isn’t flashy. Your audience is looking for relevant information, so your post doesn’t have to be fancy or flashy. There are many effective ways to post on GMB, and some are better than others.

Moreover, voice search is the future. And GMB Posts can help you tap this valuable source of traffic. Recent studies show that 46% of voice searchers use voice search to find local businesses. Almost 25% of those users go to websites that offer information about local businesses. This means that optimizing your GMB profile will only get you so far. You’ll have to take steps to make it relevant to your target audience.