A vascular doctor treats a wide range of problems associated with the arteries. They may be the cause of high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, or faulty valves. You may want to check out Waldorf vascular doctor for more. Poor circulation can lead to tissue death, limb loss, stroke, and even death. Vascular doctors perform various diagnostic procedures and prescribe medications to address the problems. If medical therapy is not effective, the doctor may suggest surgery to fix the underlying problem. A vascular doctor may also recommend a lifestyle change or medication to treat the problem.

Vascular surgeons may specialize in a specific type of surgery. In most cases, patients are referred to them by their primary care physician. A vascular surgeon can also be consulted if a patient experiences leg pain or other symptoms of peripheral arterial disease. Patients with a history of high blood pressure or blood clotting disorders are also candidates for vascular surgery. While there are many different types of vascular surgery, the following are the most common.

Peripheral arterial disease, also known as peripheral artery disease, occurs when the valves in the arteries are faulty and prevent proper blood flow. As a result, blood pools and forms lumpy, gnarly veins. While most people consider spider veins to be cosmetically unappealing, they are a warning sign of poor vascular health and can lead to more serious conditions. Treatment options for varicose veins are available, and most involve minimally invasive procedures.

Vascular doctors can perform many tests and procedures to diagnose and treat various vascular conditions. For example, they may perform an x-ray using iodine contrast and an ultrasound to measure the speed of blood flow. They can also prescribe lifestyle changes to improve vascular health. A vascular doctor can also recommend a variety of treatments for patients with CAD. These procedures may include stenting and removing plaques or narrowed arteries.

A vascular doctor can also help treat a potentially life-threatening condition called deep vein thrombosis. This condition affects the veins deep beneath the skin. If left untreated, a blood clot may travel to the lungs and cause a pulmonary embolism, which can lead to shortness of breath, pain, or even death. A vascular doctor can perform tests to diagnose deep vein thrombosis and prescribe treatment. These treatments may include blood thinners or lifestyle changes such as more physical activity.

When you need a vascular doctor, Bergen Surgical Specialists in Bergen County, NJ, can help. Their highly skilled surgeons perform noninvasive and minimally-invasive procedures for cardiovascular conditions. They have the most up-to-date technology and techniques and are dedicated to providing personalized cardiovascular care. In addition, they are also affiliated with the Mayo Clinic, one of the few medical centers in the United States with the specialized expertise to perform pediatric minimally invasive vascular surgery.

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