The first step in effective dog obedience training is to develop your puppy’s confidence. To teach your puppy to come when called, use your voice. When you say the command, maintain eye contact with your puppy and wait a beat before releasing the pressure. Then, reward your puppy with a treat when he does what you ask him to. Repeat this process several times, and you’ll soon have a well-trained dog!You may want to  visit  for more.

After your dog learns how to sit, you can teach him other commands. The sit command, for example, requires a hand movement, and can be used to get your dog to behave in social situations. You can practice this command daily, and even use it as a reward before a walk or mealtime. Another important command is the come command. This will help you recover lost items or keep your pet out of trouble.

Another important tip when training your puppy is to use a leash. It will help your puppy develop a strong bond with you and imprint the desired behaviour in its mind. Initially, use a short leash to teach the basics of politeness. Gradually, you can progress to longer leashes and more complicated training. To make training fun, give your dog treats as reinforcement when he does something that you request.

If you decide to hire a private dog trainer, you should be aware of the cost involved. Prices start at around $80 per hour. At the high end, you can expect to pay $120 an hour. Therefore, a private trainer is twice as expensive as a dog obedience class. When selecting a trainer, look for human-friendly techniques and positive reinforcement to train your pet. You should also look for the best class for your dog’s personality.

To make training easier, keep the sessions short and simple. Practice just one command at a time, for no more than five minutes, and repeat the skill outside the training sessions. Puppies have short attention spans, and therefore, it’s best to focus on one skill at a time. Then, try ending training sessions on a high note. A positive experience for both you and your dog will go a long way.

While basic dog obedience classes may seem unnecessary for experienced dog owners, they can be beneficial for both you and your dog. Basic obedience classes help your dog to learn about proper training techniques, which makes them more reliable and less troublesome. Basic classes teach your dog the basics of how to listen to you, and how to interact with you and your dog. The classes will also help you hone your skills and make the relationship with your dog stronger.