When you have Thai food, you are likely to notice the many similarities between the dishes. You may want to check out Chong Co Thai Restaurant and Bar Gold Coast for more. Thai food is typically rich and spicy, with a yum-salad that is made with fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, and chili sauce. Yum-salad is eaten in between meals to cleanse your palate. Most Thai dishes consist of beef or seafood, but you can also find dishes based on chicken and other meat. These foods can be quite similar, but the extreme flavors are what set them apart.


While Thai food is known for its unique flavors and aromas, a variety of insects are also eaten in Thailand. Most popular kap-klaem (fried items) are meats on skewers or sour sausages, and chicken. These are often served with sliced fruits and coriander. There are also a variety of sweet snacks available at Thai markets. Khanom includes tako (coconut cream jelly), khanom man, and flavored jellies. These items are typically sold on large trays in glass covered pushcarts.

Green papaya salads are among the most common dishes in Thai cuisine. This refreshing, spicy dish is similar to Tam mak hoong in Laos and Isan. Typically eaten with rice noodles or sticky rice, som tam is served with sweet chilli sauce. Whether you’re trying to get your vegetarian fix or you want to go full hog wild with Thai dishes, you’ll find something you love.

There are 45 different dishes in Thai cuisine. You can find them all in our Thai food guide, arranged by category. While Pad Thai is the most popular Thai dish, you can also enjoy other delicious dishes like tom yum. This complex hot and sour soup is a favorite among Thais. For the ultimate Thai meal, try some of the dishes below. Don’t forget to order some rice! There are a lot of delicious options!

Pad See Ew is a traditional dish that is very popular in Thailand. It is a stir-fried noodle dish that combines a spicy, sour, and sweet sauce. You can order this dish with meat, pork, or even tofu. You can get it on almost any street corner and it’s a cheap meal. Almost every restaurant in Thailand serves pad see ew! To order Pad Thai, choose a restaurant that serves it with delicious rice.

While you’re at it, you should be aware that some Thai dishes are high in sodium and calories. While Thai food is rich in vegetables and seafood, it can also contain a good amount of sodium and sugar. Despite this, many Thai meals have an excellent balance of fat and protein. A portion of these dishes is more than enough to keep you satisfied. Just be sure to order extra vegetables and rice for side dishes. And don’t forget to eat plenty of salad!

Other ingredients that you should try include yardlong beans, bean sprouts, and bamboo shoots. These vegetables are not only tasty, but are also high in fiber. You can also try steamed broccoli, cauliflower, or zucchini. These vegetables are high in iron and will help you lose weight. In addition to broccoli and cabbage, Thai food is packed with a variety of other vegetables. You’ll also find papaya, which is rich in antioxidants and is excellent for your health. It contains lycopene, which may have anticancer properties. The spice can also protect your skin from damage.

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