If you’ve noticed cracks in your basement or crawl space, it’s time to get professional help. Water can seep into cracks and cause mold to grow. If you don’t act quickly, your cracks will only get worse. In some cases, serious foundation problems require substantial reinforcement, and DIY solutions won’t fix the underlying problem. In these cases, you should call a professional for the best foundation wall repair.

There are three types of cracks in foundation walls, and each has a different cause. Cracks in foundation walls often happen in areas where the wall is most susceptible to pressure. If you notice cracks in one direction, they’re likely a sign of trouble. Shrinkage cracks, for example, are caused by a weaker section of the wall. Those in another direction, or diagonally, are most likely due to hydrostatic pressure. Foundation contractors can help stabilize a foundation with structural problems, which may involve excavation around the outside wall. Underpinning the wall with steel may also be necessary. Find more info about foundation wall repair

The next step in foundation wall repair is to fix the issue with the wall itself. Wet clay soils can cause the foundation wall to crack and buckle. The wall can be repaired, but not by stapling it back together. Unless you have access to the soil outside the foundation walls, a professional is not always able to perform this type of work. Groundworks Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcing System is a state-of-the-art foundation wall repair solution. It applies the same technology used by aerospace engineers to repair aircraft.

Once you find the problem, you can begin the repair. First, you’ll have to remove the soil surrounding your foundation, including any landscaping. Next, you’ll have to dig a perimeter trench along the entire length of your home. After digging, you’ll have to install temporary supports for the walls, while they’re being replaced. The soil surrounding your foundation will compact and settle, and it will be necessary to remove the temporary supports once the work is finished.

You should also watch out for cracks that change direction. These are indicative of serious structural damage. If these cracks are visible from the outside and follow the mortar joints in a stair-step pattern, they may indicate serious structural issues. Contacting a foundation contractor will help you locate the problem and repair it. The average cost for foundation wall repair is $3,100 to $5,236. If you’re wondering whether you need to hire a contractor, here are some things to consider.

CRACK foundation repair is an easy one-step process that will work on poured concrete walls. It requires no chemicals or pressurized injections and will fix up to ten feet of cracks. CRACK’s patented formula is a high-performing surface sealant that requires no chemical mixing or pressurized injections. It’s the next generation in foundation wall repair, and it saves you hundreds over the traditional solutions used by contractors.