Sidewalk contractors can be a good option for your property. They can offer a variety of services, from repair to reconstruction. You’ll be able to choose between asphalt, concrete, and brick sidewalks for your property. These companies also offer sidewalk repair, paving, and painting. You can even ask about sidewalk installation if you need it. Here’s what you should know before hiring sidewalk contractors. You’ll find them by looking for these three key traits. Sidewalk Contractorsin

Sidewalks endure a lot of wear and tear. Sometimes, the concrete can crack or sink if the soil beneath it is not strong enough. There are several causes of a void underneath a sidewalk slab, including tree roots, erosion, and dirt fill that isn’t properly compacted. Sidewalk repair services can address these problems and make your property look beautiful again. If you’re considering a sidewalk repair, make sure to find a sidewalk contractor with the experience to do the job right.

The City will cover the cost of the first repair, which the owner pays 50 percent of. Any additional repairs must be done within ten years. If you have a tree root that has damaged your sidewalk, you may want to consider hiring a tree-root removal company. However, be sure to consult with the City first to determine which repairs are necessary. If you’re unsure, you can call a sidewalk contractor for a free consultation.

You may receive a Notice of Sidewalk Violations from the City. These are posted on your property and served by certified mail. Once the City receives your Notice of Sidewalk Violation, you’ll have 75 days to make the repairs. During that time, the contractor should schedule the repairs as the weather permits. If the City’s inspectors find the violations, they will likely contact a contractor. If you fail to get the repairs done within this time, you can appeal them.

To get a quote for a sidewalk repair, you can multiply the estimated square footage by the cost per square foot. Remember, this number will fluctuate, but you can use a four-inch concrete for driveways and seven-inch concrete for other areas. If you decide to hire a sidewalk contractor, make sure to ask them to submit a guarantee for work. You’ll need to keep in mind that the cost will depend on the exact square footage of your property.

Once you’ve chosen a contractor, make sure that they have the proper permits for sidewalk repairs. The Department of Transportation will inspect your property if it doesn’t meet the requirements for sidewalk maintenance. If the contractor is unable to provide all of the necessary information or permits, you can file a Notice of Claim with the Comptroller’s Office. If you are still unsatisfied, the City will send an inspector to check the work.

Before you install a concrete sidewalk, you should ensure that the subgrade is fully compacted. The degree and uniformity of compaction are equally important. This will diminish the differential settlement of a concrete sidewalk and reduce the likelihood of cracks. In some cases, you can have concrete placed directly over a compacted subgrade, but it’s advisable to create a granular layer on top. This will help bridge any minor defects in the subgrade.