With QC Kinetix, you can own your own regenerative medicine franchise group and help shape the future of medicine. Although not medically licensed, you can invest in the company’s franchise and benefit from its proven operating system and marketing program. Learn more about this business opportunity below. QC Kinetix does not accept insurance plans. Franchisees are responsible for covering all of their expenses. Some investors may not be eligible for franchise compensation plans. click over here shoulder pain specialist near me

A QC Kinetix physician will discuss all options with you before starting your treatment. After reviewing your medical history and physical condition, your physician will explain the various biologic treatments available. The physician will also discuss any previous injuries or active symptoms you are experiencing. QC Kinetix is a great choice if you’re in need of pain relief without the risk of surgery. QC Kinetix also offers consultations with medical specialists to ensure you are getting the most appropriate treatment.
QC Kinetix is excited to offer a new type of treatment for patients suffering from chronic pain. Patients can experience instant pain relief with this treatment. The laser energy concentrates on the affected area, creating a photochemical response that speeds recovery and improves mobility. QC Kinetix also offers free consultations. If you’d like to learn more about QC Kinetix’s treatment options, contact their offices today.
QC Kinetix has raised the stakes in chronic pain treatment and sports injury rehabilitation. Their regenerative treatments are proven to improve patients’ lives. The treatments are less expensive, risky, and time-consuming than surgery, and patients experience a better quality of life. The company has also invested in scientific research to develop their treatments. If you’re looking for a non-surgical regenerative medicine solution, consider QC Kinetix. Its regenerative treatments could change your life.
QC Kinetix is a growing medical franchise that offers regenerative medicine. They use advanced medical technology to treat inflammation, pain, and damaged tissues. Emmit Smith, former NFL player, endorses the company. The franchise offers many opportunities to become a member of the fast-growing regenerative medicine industry. If you’re suffering from joint pain, QC Kinetix could be the perfect solution for your problem.
QC Kinetix can be found at 1380 NE Miami Gardens Dr. in Miami, FL. The office is easily accessible through nearby highways and freeways. The office is located southwest of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. For more information, call QC Kinetix at the number below: